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Repositive Cancer Models Platform Becomes the Largest Global Marketplace for Translational Cancer Models to Support Precision Medicine

Repositive Cancer Models Platform Becomes the Largest Global Marketplace for Translational Cancer Models to Support Precision Medicine content piece image
The intuitive and easy-to-use search page of the Cancer Models Platform makes finding pre-clinical models simpler
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Repositive – the creator of the pioneering marketplace that enables oncology researchers to more easily search and compare pre-clinical cancer models and services – announced that it has the largest global directory of cancer models on its Cancer Models Platform. With over 4,540 cancer models submitted to date from 14 Contract Research Organisations (CROs), including Antineo, Shanghai LIDE and Xentech, Repositive’s marketplace enables biopharma researchers to quickly find the translational models they need, helping to accelerate the development of personalised cancer treatments to the clinic.

With the recent shift towards precision medicine, there is a growing need for oncology researchers to source pre-clinical cancer models with specific molecular and genomic profiles for their studies, which traditionally have been difficult and time-consuming to find. To help overcome this challenge, in collaboration with AstraZeneca, Repositive launched the PDX Consortium in 2017 to provide pharma and biotech researchers with a global marketplace of PDX models and supporting data from industry-leading and specialist CROs worldwide, which can be easily searched and compared thanks to the standardised metadata and molecular characteristics.

After the successful completion of the PDX pilot, Repositive expanded its Cancer Models Platform to include a larger collection of translational models, including CDX models, organoids and cancer cell lines from providers around the world. Currently totalling over 4,540 models submitted to the marketplace and growing, Repositive’s Cancer Models Platform provides pharma and biotechs with access to the largest, most diverse directory of pre-clinical cancer models, supporting their progress towards precision cancer medicine.

Biopharma researchers looking for their next pre-clinical cancer model can find out more about Repositive's expert, confidential and tailored Personal Shopper service for its Cancer Model Platform here: https://repositive.io/blog/post/personal-shopper

“To help oncology researchers find the right models for their pre-clinical studies, we wanted to build a marketplace that brings together high-quality, difficult-to-source cancer models in one place,” explained Fiona Nielsen, CEO of Repositive. “Through our platform, we’ve significantly reduced the time it takes scientists to find the models they need, whilst giving our CRO partners a new avenue for business growth and providing smaller, less-well known vendors with increased visibility. It’s all part of our mission to enhance oncology research and accelerate the translation of results to the clinic.”

In addition to Repositive’s leading Cancer Models Platform, the company is going one step further to support oncology researchers by offering a confidential Personal Shopper Service. By providing search criteria to the Repositive team under a confidentiality agreement, Repositive’s experts assist in refining the search criteria, search the Cancer Models Platform and partner network on behalf of scientists and return a list of models and services from CROs that meet their requirements, introducing them to their chosen CRO for additional information if one is selected.

A biotech scientist working in pre-clinical cancer research remarked: “We have been looking for a number of models for three months, but with the help of Repositive’s Personal Shopper we have been able to find the models in just four weeks. It has been very useful to understand what models are out there, which is especially important when planning projects and budgets. Having access to smaller companies, which we never knew existed, is truly invaluable and Repositive’s support throughout has been very professional. When you explore new indications or increase the complexity of your requirements, it’s like a drop in the ocean and you don’t know which way to go. The Cancer Models Platform is a very clever idea, it saves time for both researchers and CROs – I am excited to work with Repositive on future projects.”

Oncology researchers interested in the Personal Shopper service can sign up here: https://repositive.typeform.com/to/W3bifN