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Repositive Unveils Molecular Search Functionality for Its Cancer Models Platform

Repositive Unveils Molecular Search Functionality for Its Cancer Models Platform  content piece image
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Repositive – a Cambridge-based company that has curated a directory of preclinical cancer models – has unveiled molecular search functionality for its Cancer Models Platform at ELRIG Drug Discovery.

The first version of this feature enables pharma and biotech scientists to search Repositive’s cancer model directory by their gene of interest and explore different mutations available, including each mutation’s effects on the protein amino acid sequence and pathogenicity prediction, amongst others, to ensure they source a cancer model with the right molecular profile for their preclinical study. The Repositive cancer model directory currently catalogues more than 5,300 models from 19 specialist preclinical oncology CRO partners across the world. 

With pharma and biotechs increasingly focusing on patient stratification to develop more effective treatments, researchers need to source preclinical models with molecular profiles that match their target patient population. However, it remains a challenge for researchers to compare the molecular characteristics of preclinical cancer models from different CROs in order to identify those that will be most predictive of patient response.

In addition to curating the world’s largest directory of preclinical cancer models, Repositive’s molecular biologists and bioinformaticians have standardized the metadata for over 5,300 models, which is publicly available to browse via its Cancer Models Platform. Repositive’s platform aims to speed up the process of finding the right cancer model for pharma and biotech scientists by making it quicker and easier to compare the characteristics of cancer models across its global CRO partner network.

To further assist researchers in their hunt for the right preclinical model, Repositive has launched an innovative molecular search function for its platform. By simply selecting a mutation of interest from the dropdown menu, in addition to the desired model type, tumor primary site and cancer subtype, the new feature enables researchers to easily shortlist models that match their criteria. Researchers can then compare the curated genomic and molecular metadata for each model side-by-side, such as the nucleotides at the reference and alternative allele, as well as each mutation’s location, impact, maximum frequency and consequence, including any resulting amino acid changes. When a model of interest has been identified, biopharmas can simply get in touch with the Repositive Team via the platform to request additional model data and be put in touch with the CRO offering the model to start project planning discussions.

“Molecular search is something we’re particularly thrilled to bring to our platform as we know just how helpful it will be to drug developers working on precision cancer therapies. We’ve had some promising feedback while testing the new feature with our biopharma community,” said Fiona Nielsen, CEO of Repositive. “But this is just the tip of the iceberg – we’re already busy enhancing our search functionality even further to ensure scientists have access to all the data they need directly on our platform, in order to make an informed decision about their preclinical model.”