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Sequencing Kits from Roche Accelerate Further Cancer/SNP Research and Population Genetics

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Roche Applied Science, a business area of Roche Diagnostics, has announced that its Genome Sequencer 20™ system has made existing sequencing applications accessible.

The next wave of advancement in cancer-/SNP research, population genetics, and microbial genome sequencing will now be driven by the launch of kits and software for the GS 20.

The Paired End Adaptor Set and two emPCR kits enable sequencing of amplicons in both directions extend the flexibility of the GS 20 system considerably.

1. The Paired End Adaptor Set is designed to make de novo sequencing of microbial genomes efficient. It facilitates the ordering of contigs into scaffolds and bridges gaps between contigs.

2. The Amplicon Sequencing emPCRkits II and III and the associated Amplicon Variant Analyzer software suite is designed to enable researchers to identify sequence variations (point mutations, insertions and deletions) in mixed samples to a previously unattainable sequence depth.

Applying the amplicon sequencing approach, researchers recently found that the microbial diversity of the deep sea was one to two orders of magnitudes more complex than previously determined.

The Genome Sequencer 20 system is based on 454 Sequencing™ technology, developed by the US company, 454 Life Sciences, and can perform sequencing runs up to 60 times faster than conventional commercially available platforms.