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Telesis Bio Releases BioXp® Select mRNA Synthesis Kit To Expand the Utility, Speed and Impact of Its Automated Synthetic Biology Workstation

DNA double helix.
Credit: Arek Socha, Pixabay
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Telesis Bio Inc., a leader in automated multi-omic and synthetic biology solutions, has announced the availability of its BioXp® Select mRNA Synthesis Kit. This kit enables on-demand and automated synthesis of mRNA beginning from a BioXp customer’s own plasmid DNA, overnight and at the push of a button. This is expected to enable researchers to optimize their discovery workflows by acquiring their mRNA of interest in days, rather than weeks or months.

“Our vision has always been to empower researchers with the tools to build synthetic biology in their laboratory, without any constraints. This first of several off-the-shelf kits will allow scientists to construct mRNA at any time of the day, any day of the week from BioXp-ready reagents. We expect this kit, and those to follow, to accelerate drug discovery, particularly in the areas of oncological and infectious disease vaccine discovery,” said Daniel Gibson, PhD, CTO and co-founder of Telesis Bio.

This is the second mRNA synthesis kit launched by Telesis Bio. Last year, the company launched its first mRNA synthesis kit, named BioXp® mRNA Synthesis Kit, which builds mRNA up to 1.8 kb in length starting from a DNA sequence as input. With the addition of the BioXp Select mRNA Synthesis Kit, researchers now have the ability to begin the mRNA build process from either their sequence or linearized plasmid, automating the entire workflow to generate final synthetic mRNA product in hours. As with the first commercially launched mRNA synthesis kit, this new BioXp mRNA synthesis kit will also incorporate the CleanCap® technology and provide options for modified nucleosides.

“Throughout 2023, we will release additional BioXp® kits that enable scientists to begin the cloning, amplification, and mRNA synthesis process from their own linear DNA or plasmid DNA, as well as kits to automate NGS Library Preparation and CRISPR gRNA synthesis,” said Todd R. Nelson, PhD, CEO and founder of Telesis Bio. “By opening our system, we provide scientists the flexibility they have wanted to begin with their own material. We expect to see new customer adoption and increased penetration and utilization of our growing installed base with the launch of these additional kits and capabilities.”