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Voltron Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Definitive Proof of Concept Data for its Lead Oncology Candidate

Voltron Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Definitive Proof of Concept Data for its Lead Oncology Candidate content piece image
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Voltron Therapeutics, Inc., a Lucius Partners portfolio company, has announced that data from the previously announced Study ‘098 demonstrated clear Proof-of Concept for VTX-067 in the treatment of HPV related cancers. This is a well-validated murine model of HPV related cancers.

VTX-067, a Self-Assembling Vaccine (SAV) targeting select peptides from HPV related cancers, was developed using Voltron’s Self Assembling Vaccine Platform.  Voltron has executed an exclusive worldwide license for this technology from The Massachusetts General Hospital’s (MGH) Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC).

Study ‘098 was a double blind, preclinical study evaluating VTX-067 in TC-1 tumor injected mice to evaluate its impact on Overall Survival of the mice, as well as other key efficacy and safety endpoints.  The Primary Endpoint of the study was the vaccine’s impact on Overall Survival of the mice.

Results of the study demonstrated:

  • Improved Overall Survival: VTX-067/SAV had a highly significant, positive survival effect in the TC-1 tumor injected mice
  • Tumor volume reduction: VTX-067 significantly reduced TC-1 tumor volume
  • Dose response: there was a clear dose-response to SAV, with the overall best survival benefit to the TC-1 tumor bearing mice at the highest dose of SAV.
  • Safety Profile: the SAV construct once again demonstrated it is well tolerated with no observed reactogenicity.

Commented Dr. Mark Poznansky, Director, Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center, MGH: “The data clearly demonstrate that the inclusion of highly immunogenic epitopes derived from HPV in our self-assembled vaccine significantly controlled tumor growth and augmented survival in a well-established mouse model of HPV induced cancer, in comparison to control animals treated with saline or immunogenic peptides. Treatment with our vaccine also generated significant HPV targeted cell mediated immunity with no detectable reactogenicity. These results met, and indeed exceeded, our expectations for efficacy and immunogenicity in this important model”

Patrick J. Gallagher, Voltron’s Chief Executive Officer commented, “We are tremendously excited about the results of this rigorously designed, double blind study for many reasons.  First, our vaccine eradicated tumors in a number of mice in this aggressive tumor model at higher doses.  Second, the data once again supports the SAV’s incredible flexibility:  Voltron has demonstrated success in producing a significant immune response in four different disease/animal models by using between two and 11 disease specific peptides.  Finally, we have gained additional confidence in the utility of combing the SAV with a PD-1 inhibitor to drive targeted, durable responses.”

James Ahern, Managing Partner, Laidlaw & Company (UK) and Founder of Lucius Partners, stated, “The team’s expertise and commitment to driving this proof-of-concept study forward with a view to first in human trials has produced compelling results.  We continue to identify additional programs for Voltron, which we will pursue in both oncology and infectious disease, that leverage our highly flexible vaccine platform to create new solutions for clinicians and patients.  We remain focused on de-risking our programs and to provide value to our shareholders.”