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Featured Product

Cadherins: Path to Cancer Breakthroughs

Cadherins, a family of transmembrane glycoproteins, serve as essential mediators of calcium-dependent cell-cell adhesion, playing crucial roles in both normal physiological processes and the development of various diseases.

Sino Biological offers the most comprehensive selection of recombinant cadherin proteins and corresponding antibodies, including CDH1, CDH2, CDH3 (P-Cadherin), CDH4 (R-Cadherin), CDH5, CDH6 (K-Cadhedin), CDH8, CDH12, CDH13, CDH16 (Ksp-Cadherin), CDH17, and CDH18, providing valuable insights for the development of novel cancer drugs and supporting revolutionary advances in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

About Sino Biological Inc
Sino Biological is an international reagent supplier and service provider. The company specializes in recombinant protein production and antibody development. All of Sino Biological's products are independently developed and produced, including recombinant proteins, antibodies and cDNA clones. Sino Biological is the researchers' one-stop technical services shop for the advanced technology platforms they need to make advancements. In addition, Sino Biological offers pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms pre-clinical production technology services for hundreds of monoclonal antibody drug candidates