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CHO Host Cell Protein – HCPQuant ELISA Kit

CHO Host Cell Protein – HCPQuant ELISA Kit

Use this ELISA kit to quantitate host cell protein (HCP) contamination in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lysates in bioprocessing. This HCP assay was developed by Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. in collaboration with Cytiva, and is extensively validated. The combination of high coverage (89%) and a broad linear range (2–200 ng/mL) provides confidence that you can quantitate both low and high molecular weight HCPs, so you can manage the risk of immunogenicity from HCP in process-derived samples. These antibodies react strongly with CHO-K1 cell lysates.

Amersham™ HCPQuant CHO kit reduces the risk of unexpected HCPs when you transition from generic to specific HCP ELISAs. And the kit helps maximize the efficiency of your HCP management strategy.

  • Gain confidence across the entire purification process thanks to a wide dynamic range and strong dilutional linearity.
  • Minimize undetected HCPs with a sensitive antibody that has strong HCP coverage. Promote understanding of HCP contamination to meet or exceed the requirements of current regulatory guidelines.
  • Ensure reproducible data with low inter- and intra-plate variation. Support regulatory data submission and demonstrate risk management throughout development of your process.

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