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Dolomite Bio’s µEncapsulator System - Multi-Application Single Cell Encapsulation

Dolomite Bio’s µEncapsulator System - Multi-Application Single Cell Encapsulation

Simple, quick and reliable encapsulation

The µEncapsulator System from Dolomite Bio enables simple, quick and reliable encapsulation of single cells, DNA and/or functionalized beads in high precision, monodisperse picoliter droplets. The high-throughput system can encapsulate 300,000 cells into 3 million droplets in 15 minutes.

The system enables a number of applications including:

  • Profiling natively paired TCRs - By identifying the TCR nucleotide sequence in a sample, this allows a researcher to gain in-depth insight into the configuration of the adaptive immune system.
  • Isolating antibody coding sequences - Resulting natively-fused variable fragment libraries enables the investigation of diversity and clonality in the antibody repertoire.
  • Encapsulating cells in hydrogels - The use of hydrogel beads or droplets offers promising delivery systems for encapsulation and release of proteins amongst other useful advantages for researchers.
  • Encapsulating expression libraries for FACS sorting - FACS-sorting encapsulated libraries via double emulsion (DE) droplet technology enables useful applications: in vitro evolution (e.g.of viruses); directed evolution of proteins from expression libraries, such as therapeutic proteins, DNA/RNA polymerases with novel or modified activities, or industrial enzymes.

The innovative design makes it simple and straight-forward to use and provides users with the unique ability to produce highly monodisperse droplets with precise control. The system offers simple loading of samples, easily cleaned and sterilized components, and precise temperature control with the TCU 100 temperature controller. Droplet production can be monitored with the High-Speed Camera and Microscope System.

Cell encapsulation in the µEncapsulator can be controlled with the Flow Control Centre advanced software, which offers simple one-click sample processing/dropletisation for beginners, or powerful automation for more advanced users.

The reliable and fast encapsulation of thousands of single cells in microfluidic droplets by the µEncapsulator System enables a range of exciting new research capabilities and offers the possibility to observe and analyze many crucial biological events.


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