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mosquito HV genomics

mosquito HV genomics

mosquito HV (High Volume) genomics offers highly accurate and precise multi-channel pipetting from 500 nL to 5 µL, leading to significant savings on precious reagents and time.

User friendly and flexible; low volume pipetting at your fingertips

mosquito HV genomics provides you with highly accurate and precise low volume pipetting, picking up where traditional liquid handling falls down. mosquito can handle even highly viscous samples (e.g. genomic DNA or enzymes in 50% glycerol), operates with standard microwell plates and can be easily programmed to run a wide range of protocols, which makes mosquito an extremely versatile tool for any genomics lab.

Genomics the mosquito way; miniaturize to maximize

mosquito is changing the way genomics is done - the ability to accurately set up reactions at a fraction of the traditional volumes (often one tenth or less) leads to a step-change in productivity. NGS library preparation, magnetic bead cleanup, cDNA synthesis, whole genome amplification, PCR and qPCR all have been successfully automated and miniaturized with mosquito. Miniaturization leads to large cost savings and allows researchers to maximize their output of results for a given budget.

Coming soon: New design, new features, same unrivalled low-volume performance and versatility.

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