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New StarBright Dyes for Flow Cytometry

New StarBright Dyes for Flow Cytometry

Bio-Rad has launched ten StarBright Dyes, including StarBright Blue 700, StarBright UltraViolet 400, and eight StarBright Violet Dyes, with many more in the pipeline. These dyes provide multiple benefits for flow cytometry.
  • Bright with reduced spillover. StarBright Dyes offer maximum brightness, allowing detection of rare populations and low-density antigens.     
  • Exacting excitation and emission profiles allow StarBright Dyes to fit into any multicolor flow cytometry panel.
  • Easy integration. StarBright Dyes are compatible with most staining protocols and virtually all buffers, including special polymer buffers, with no loss in performance.
  • Compatibility with all instruments. StarBright Dyes can be used on any flow cytometer with the correct laser and filter combinations, and are suitable for cell sorting.  
  • Compatibility with full spectrum flow cytometry with results comparable to conventional flow cytometry.
  • Ability to be premixed. StarBright Dyes can be prepared in master mixes with no loss of performance for up to 28 days.

    Build bigger, better panels with StarBright Dyes.

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