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NutriFreez® D10 Cryopreservation Medium

NutriFreez® D10 Cryopreservation Medium

Biological Industries’ NutriFreez® brand of cryopreservation media has set the standard for high-quality freezing solutions. NutriFreez® D10 Medium is the first fully defined, optimized freezing solution designed and validated for the cryopreservation of various cell types, including hESCs, iPSCs, and hMSCs. NutriFreez® D10 Medium maintains animal component-free conditions during cryopreservation, essential to maintaining consistency when culturing cells in a xeno-free system. With proven reliability and consistency, NutriFreez® D10 Medium provides a high-performance protective environment for cells during the freezing, storage, and thawing process.

  • Optimized for maximum cell recovery and protection
    Developed to protect a wide range of human and animal-derived cells, including highly sensitive cell types such as primary cells, lymphocytes, and stem cells (hMSCs and hPSCs).
  • Unique, serum-free and fully defined formulation
    High-quality, animal component-free, protein-free, serum-free freezing formulation designed for research, cell banking, and therapeutic applications. Contains 10% DMSO.
  • Widely referenced, manufactured under cGMP
    With over 300 references, NutriFreez® is manufactured under cGMP conditions. Customization and scale-up support is available.

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