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Precision Metabolomics – The Metabolon Advantage

Precision Metabolomics – The Metabolon Advantage

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Metabolon’s Precision Metabolomics™, an advanced approach to metabolomics that has the sensitivity and specificity to accurately measure metabolites at a level that makes an n of 1 study in an individual practicable. This approach uses extensively controlled processes to provide data with the smallest degree of variability in the measurement (<5%) allowing the precise identification of the maximum possible number of biologically relevant metabolites in a sample.

The Metabolon Advantage

Process Monitoring

    Labeled Internal Standards to monitor extraction and instrumental performance and reproducibility
    50+ page QC report to ensure sample analysis was within quality specifications
    Proficiency tested staff
    Suite of documented SOPs
    Extensive environmental controls and monitoring

High Impact Data

    Approximately 1000 metabolites identified in plasma
    Precision of quant < 5% error
    22% of samples analyzed per night are for QC purposes
    Visual inspection and approval of all automated library identifications
    Extensive authentic standard library

Accurate Informatics

    Chemo-centric workflow dramatically reduces potential for false positive identifications
    Vast majority of compound identifications are Tier 1 – highest confidence possible
    High-throughput workflow permits most of time to be spent on data interpretation

Biological Insight – Not just data

    Huge institutional knowledge following >5000 studies
    PhD Biochemists provide the link between the detected compound changes and the  biological       meaning and work collaboratively with PI
    Powerful data analysis and visualization tools with MetaboLyncTM