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VIA Extractor™ Tissue Disaggregator

VIA Extractor™ Tissue Disaggregator

The VIA Extractor™ tissue disaggregator effectively dissociates solid tissue into viable single cells. For use in high-throughput omics and flow cytometry research, the closed system uses mild processing to optimize yield and preserve content relative to the parent sample.

- Mild processing optimizes cell viability and yield and preserves content relative to the parent sample.

- Standardized, automated process reduces sample-to-sample variation.

- Disaggregates solid tissue to single cell suspension in as little as ten minutes.

- Adjust the processing speed, temperature and time settings using the VIA Freeze™ Uno controlled-rate freezer to optimize results dependent on sample type and size.

- Process up to three samples in parallel in single-use pouches, minimizing the risk of contamination. 

Product Specifications
Omics bundle (includes VIA Extractor™ tissue disaggregator, the VIA Freeze™ Uno controlled-rate freezer and the Omics clamp) Bundle package
Omics pouch 10 per pack
Omics applicator 60 per pack
Omics clamp 1 per pack