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Revolutionizing Precision Medicine With Multiomics

Revolutionizing Precision Medicine With Multiomics

Each patient is different – presenting a unique clinical picture and individual needs for optimized care.

Introducing CENTOGENE MOx – a portfolio of single-step multiomic solutions that integrates biochemical analysis to enable early diagnosis, improved prognosis, and individualized treatments.

With a complete clinical picture via multiomic data, the process and precision of treating patients is being redefined. By looking at each patient from different angles, we are able to combine deep knowledge and multiomic insights for a holistic view in a way that has never been done before.

Product Specifications
CentMetabolic MOx ~ 200 genes associated with >180 Inherited Metabolic Disorders
CentoXome MOx ~ 20,000 genes with focus on exome > 7,000 rare diseases, including >1,400 Inherited Metabolic Disorders
CentoGenome MOx ~ 20,000 genes, entire genome > 7,000 rare diseases, including >1,400 Inherited Metabolic Disorders
CENTOGENE’s mission is to provide data-driven, life-changing answers to patients, physicians and pharma companies for rare and neurodegenerative diseases. They integrate multiomic technologies with the CENTOGENE Biodatabank – providing dimensional analysis to guide the next generation of precision medicine. Their unique approach enables rapid and reliable diagnosis for patients, supports a more precise physician understanding of disease states and accelerates and de-risks targeted pharma drug discovery, development and commercialization.
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