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SomaScan Assay: The World's Largest Proteomic Platform

SomaScan Assay: The World's Largest Proteomic Platform

Discover more with the first and only technology that can measure 7,000 proteins over a broad range of concentrations. Built on 20 years of pioneering proteomics technology, The SomaScan Assay enables unprecedented biomarker and drug discovery and now, you can seamlessly transition from discovery to validation with new SomaScan panels and SomaSignal TM Tests bolstering the entire drug discovery and development pipeline, all via a straightforward fee-for-service model.

For academic researchers
• Discover disease biomarkers
• Corroborate genomic findings
• Study disease pathways
• Build predicative models from epidemiological data

For clinical researchers
• Discover drug targets
• Identify patient subpopulations for clinical trials
• Demonstrate drug efficacy and mechanism of action
• Identify off-target effects

The Somascan Assay uses Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamers (called SOMAer regents) to provide 7,000 highly reproducible measurements (-5% CV) of circulating proteins from a single, 55 ul sample of plasma or serum, SOMAmer reagents are synthetic ssDNA sequences with hydrophobic appendages that tightly bind a specific protein target, enabling unprecedented multiplexing power across a 10-log dynamic. Unlike polyclonal antibodies, SOMAmer reagents are consistent, enabling unmatched reproducibility and seamless transitions from discovery to validation. 

The SomaScan Assay has been used by academic and clinical researchers to capture signatures of aging, analyze heart failure risk in clinical trials, discover non-invasive markers of fatty liver disease and identify potential drug targets for kidney disease and more.

Explore applications of the SomaScan Assay or tell us how we can support your research goals with the world’s largest proteomic platform at somalogic .com/discovery.

The Somascan Assay is the first and only technology that can measure 7,000 proteins over a broad range of concentrations, enabling unprecedented discovery for a variety of disease applications.

The SomaScan proteomics platform supports the entire drug discovery and development pipeline from biomarker exploration to clinical trial monitoring.

You can get started using the SomaScan Assay today with no set-up fees, and you maintain full ownership of your data.

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