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Thermo Scientific Cellinsight CX7 High Content Analysis System

Thermo Scientific Cellinsight CX7 High Content Analysis System

The Thermo Scientific™ CellInsight™ CX7 High Content Analysis (HCA) Platform is a fast, automated cellular imaging and analysis platform designed for quantitative microscopy.

The CellInsight CX7 HCA Platform offers an integrated way to develop and automate high content assays using a combination of 5-colour brightfield and 7-colour fluorescence imaging in confocal or wide-field modes, allowing you to extract the information you need from your samples. Both well-by-well and channel-by channel, you can select the right modes to read your sample—with the resolution and dynamic range that results from a high-performance optical train and a sensitive camera.

A Wider Tool Set for more Biological Relevance 
Experimental biology comes in many shapes and sizes, and it is hard to predict where an investigation is going next. The CellInsight CX7 High-Content Platform has you covered for current and future experiments:

• Scale throughput up to 1,536-well plates in toxicology assays
• Switch to spheroids or 3D matrices for hypoxia testing
• Run chromogenic histology slides for data comparison
• Test delicate experimental samples in a range of culture dishes
• Exploit the precise stage positioning with patterning slides, chambers, or microfluidics

Your samples are precious and not always robust. If you are imaging live cells, sensitive biology, or delicate probes you want to minimise time in the instrument and, especially, limit exposure to high-intensity light.  The CellInsight CX7 High-Content Platform is designed to analyse your sample with minimal impact:

• High-sensitivity camera and LED illumination reduces overall light exposure for image capture
• Laser-based autofocus reduces scan time and light exposure for challenging samples
• Well-by-well imaging exposes your samples only to the modes you need

From Individual Cells to Phenotypic Profiling
Thermo Scientific HCS Studio™ Cell Analysis Software is the engine behind the CellInsight™ CX7 High-Content Platform and all Thermo Scientific  high content products. It is the icon-driven tool that collects data cell by cell until it can report out with statistically relevant assay performance.
• You configure your assay quickly in a simple, icon-driven interface
• Image acquisition is fully automated—even with multiple channels and imaging modes
• Acquisition is intelligent—and analyses only enough cells for statistical relevance
• Your data are processed in real time with no manual intervention required
• You can go from image collection to tabulated results and population statistics in minutes, analysing up to half a million phenotypic measurements in under 5 minutes.

View your results and make key decisions while other systems are still spooling and importing files for analysis.

Analysis and screening:
The CellInsight CX7 High-Content Platform with HCS Studio Cell Analysis Software is a powerful tool for multiple applications. Whether you are analyzing a few slides to answer basic research questions or screening thousands of samples in a systems biology study, the platform of choice remains the same.

• Icon-driven guidance for novice users
• Fully customizable for experienced users
• Thermo Scientific BioApplications software tools for assay development and screening
• Scalable to many thousands of images

A legacy of innovation and discovery
Since the introduction of ArrayScan™ HCA Readers in 1999, over 1000 peer-reviewed cellomics publications attest to a legacy of innovation in high-content analysis (HCA) that continues with the Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX7 High-Content Platform.

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