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Twist Gene Fragments and Clonal Genes

Twist Gene Fragments and Clonal Genes

Synthetic genes are an inexpensive, rapid, and efficient way to build the tools you need for your research. Twist’s high-performance synthesis platform generates accurate Gene Fragments for cloning. This results in fewer colonies that need to be screened to find the perfect clone, saving you time and money. Or let Twist do the cloning, transformation, colony picking, sequence verification, and DNA prep for you when you select Twist Clonal Genes. You’ll get the DNA you need at scales up to 1mg, NGS sequence verified in the vector of your choice.

Gene Fragments are cloning-ready linear double-stranded DNA sequences for direct cloning or larger gene assembly. Gene Fragments enable you to build more constructs and minimize the time and cost to get perfect clones. At $0.07/bp our gene synthesis offering is surprisingly affordable. Order Twist Genes today and experience the difference.

Clonal Genes are NGS sequence-verified synthesized DNA cloned into a plasmid vector of your choice. Get Genes from 0.3 kb to 5 kb in length at DNA prep scales up to 1mg in less time and at a lower cost than you might think.

Price, Performance, and Service, what can Twist do for you?

About Twist Bioscience
Twist Bioscience is a synthetic biology company that has developed a proprietary silicon-based manufacturing process for the production of synthetic DNA. Twist Bioscience works in the service of customers who are changing the world for the better in fields such as medicine, agriculture, industrial chemicals and data storage.
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