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Technology Networks' Scientific Advisory Board

Technology Networks’ scientific advisory board works in partnership with the Editorial Director and Managing Editor to shape the publication's content strategy by:

  • Ensuring the integrity of content and providing expert contributions.
  • Maintaining high editorial standards and ethical practices.
  • Identifying scientific trends and recommending topics for publication.
  • Contributing to strategic planning and enhancing the publication's credibility and impact.
  • Facilitating networking opportunities to broaden the publication's reach.
  • Advocating for diversity and inclusion in content and contributors.

The board consists of diverse scientific and technical experts, whose backgrounds align with Technology Networks’ communities. These communities provide readers with focused, high-quality coverage of analytical chemistry, applied markets, life sciences, drug discovery and informatics.

Advisors are selected by the Editorial Director and Managing Editor for their unique, impartial contributions. Technology Networks’ board members operate on a voluntary basis, generously dedicating their time to help further the accurate and reliable dissemination of scientific information to our global readership.

Scientific Advisory Board Members