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For over six decades, Bio-Rad has served life science research and clinical diagnostics customers worldwide through its global network of operations. Bio-Rad is internationally renowned among academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and major research institutions for its commitment to quality and customer service.

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Product News

Bio-Rad Announces Collaboration Agreement With Oncocyte To Commercialize Transplant Monitoring With Droplet Digital PCR

Collaboration aims to provide researchers cutting-edge tools to enable transformational monitoring of key biomarkers in solid tissue transplants.
Someone loading a PCR.
Product News

Bio-Rad and Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute collaborate to advance personalized monitoring of solid tumor cancers with droplet digital PCR

Collaboration aims to grow clinical evidence supporting the use of bio-Rad’s ddPCR™ technology for molecular residual disease monitoring of patients across a range of solid tumor types.
Cancer cells.
Product News

Bio-Rad Launches First Ultrasensitive Multiplexed Digital PCR Assay for Breast Cancer Mutation Detection

Highly sensitive and multiplexed assay for the detection, discrimination, and quantification of key mutations in ESR1 gene for breast cancer, developed for bio-Rad’s QX600™ droplet digital™ PCR system.
A PCR Machine.
Product News

Bio-Rad Launches Vericheck ddPCR Replication Competent Lentivirus and Replication Competent AAV Kits for Cell and Gene Therapy Production

Rapid, sensitive, and validated detection of viral replication genes using droplet digital™ PCR during cell and gene therapy production.
Cell to Cell

Understanding Cell-to-Cell Communication in Cancer

Cell-to-cell communication in cancer is pivotal for tumor progression, metastasis, and treatment resistance. This complex network of signalling pathways allows cancer cells to interact, shaping their behavior and response to therapy.
Cell and Gene Therapy Symposium, March 20-21: Experts discuss cancer immunotherapy, gene vectors, stem cells, and precision oncology
Online Event

Cell and Gene Therapy 2024

Explore cutting-edge cell and gene therapies at our online symposium on March 20–21. Experts will discuss cancer immunotherapy, gene therapy vectors, stem cells, and precision oncology research.
Blue and green DNA double helices on a purple background.
Industry Insight

Increasing Widespread Accessibility of Molecular Testing for Oncology Research

Bio-Rad's Jeremiah McDole explores the benefits of bringing molecular testing in-house and how ddPCR technology can be applied in oncology workflows.

The Latest in Flow Cytometry – The Rise of the 488 nm Laser

This webinar will give you a brief understanding of the history of flow cytometry and how the 488 nm blue laser has played a crucial role in making flow cytometry a key application in research.
Illuminating Immunology with Spectral Flow Cytometry

Illuminating Immunology With Spectral Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a core technique in many immunology labs.. However, extensive immunophenotyping panels can result in overlapping emission peaks, time-consuming compensation and complex data analysis.
Bio-Rad Anti-dupilumab Antibodies.
Product News

Bio-Rad Extends Range of Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies for Use in Preclinical and Clinical Drug Development

Range of highly selective anti-idiotypic antibodies now includes six antibodies specific to dupilumab and its biosimilars for bioanalysis and Drug Monitoring.