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Corning invent life-changing technologies using materials science. Their scientific and manufacturing expertise, boundless curiosity and commitment to purposeful invention place them at the center of the way the world interacts, works, learns and lives.? Their sustained investment in research, development and invention means Corning are always ready to solve the toughest challenges alongside their customers. ?

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Glass vials.
Product News

SGD Pharma Introduces Its New Range of Type I Tubular Vials Featuring Corning’s Velocity® Vial Coating Technology

SGD Pharma, announces its new range of high-quality Type I injectable vials in tubular glass with the added external low-friction coating developed by Corning thanks to an exclusive co-development partnership.

Modeling Cell Motility

In this Teach Me in 10, Hilary Sherman, Senior Scientist at Corning Life Sciences, teaches us about the different steps of cell motility and gives important tips to optimize chemotaxis assays.

Synthetic vs. Biological Hydrogels

In this Teach me in 10, we are joined by Dr. Anette Funfak, Field Application manager at Corning Life Sciences. She reviews different types of biological and synthetic hydrogels, as well as their characteristics, limitations and functional applications for building in vivo-like environments.
A scientist holding a glass vial containing DNA.
Product News

SGD Pharma Defines 2024 Growth Strategy

CEO Olivier Rousseau explains that SGD Pharma intends to significantly grow in 2024, with a sustained and consistent approach to its commercial, innovation, industrial, sustainability, HR and M&A strategies.
Product News

Corning® Launches Videodrop, Revolutionizing Real-Time Nanoparticle Detection and Analysis

New optical technology aims to expedite and enhance the development of viral vectors and gene therapies.
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Harvesting Cell Methods

This episode explores various methods for cell harvesting, such as centrifugation, filtration, and separation, with the choice depending on the specific context of the work.
Corning® Vacuum Filtration Systems

Corning® Vacuum Filtration Systems

Reduce hold-up volume and maximize throughput to help support and create an optimal environment for healthy cells with Corning’s vacuum filters.
A Guide to Cell Culture Success

A Guide to Cell Culture Success

Cell culture is essential for a variety of applications including disease modeling, drug discovery, cell-based manufacturing and genetic engineering.

Working with Corning Matrigel Matrix: Tips, Tricks and Expert Advice

In this TMi10 we are speaking with Corning senior scientist Hilary Sherman to get some handling tips and expert advice to maximize your work in both 2D and 3D cultures with the most widely used ECM in the industry.
The Ultimate Guide to Corning® Matrigel® Matrix  content piece image
How To Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Corning® Matrigel® Matrix

For the past 35 years, the Corning® Matrigel® matrix has been used by researchers in essential applications as well as in cutting-edge, life-changing research. CLS scientists have learned a lot over the last 3+ decades and want to share that information with the scientific community.