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Future Foods – News and Features

A coffee bean between tweezers.

Is Lab-Grown Coffee the Sustainable Brew of the Future?

Dr. Heiko Rischer, head of plant biotechnology at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, breaks down the promise of bioreactor-brewed coffee.
Ants on a stick.

How Four Ant Species Differ in Taste

Researchers now report the unique aroma profiles of four species of edible ants, which taste markedly different from one another.
Two scientists in lab coats working at a laboratory bench.

Project To Produce Antimicrobial Drugs From Food By-Products Receives £1 Million Grant

A project aiming to use food by-products to produce antimicrobial drugs from bacteria has been awarded a £1.1 million grant to help antimicrobial production to be more cost-effective and sustainable.
A bowl of vegan food.

Partially Switching To Plant Protein Boosts Life Expectancy and Reduces Carbon Footprint

McGill researchers find evidence that partially replacing red and processed meat with plant protein foods can increase lifespan and mitigate climate change.
The gold nugget obtained from computer motherboards in three parts. The largest of these parts is around five millimetres wide.

Cheesemaking Byproduct Turns Electronic Waste Into Gold

ETH Zurich researchers have recovered the precious metal from electronic waste. Their highly sustainable new method is based on a protein fibril sponge, which the scientists derive from whey, a food industry byproduct.
A human brain on a purple background.

Brain Waves Help Flush Waste out of the Brain While We Sleep

Slow brain waves are associated with restful, refreshing sleep. And now, scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that brain waves help flush waste out of the brain during sleep.
Blue-green algae on water.

Blue-Green Algae May Hold the Key to More “Meat-Like” Proteins

Researchers have not only succeeded in using blue-green algae as a surrogate mother for a new protein – they have even coaxed the microalgae to produce "meat fiber-like" protein strands.
A person looks down from space towards the Earth.

The Next Chapter of Science

Join us as we explore how innovation, ethics and even aesthetics look set to influence the landscape of life science research, creating new possibilities for treating human diseases, feeding our growing population and nurturing the scientists of the future.
The beef-rice hybrid.

Could Rice-Grown Beef Be the Food of the Future?

From lab-grown chicken to cricket-derived protein, these innovative alternatives offer hope for a planet struggling with the environmental and ethical impacts of industrial agriculture. Now, Korean scientists add a new recipe to the list.
Bottles of milk in a row.

Replace Standard Bacteria Test For Raw Milk, Say Food Scientists

Food scientists show that a standard quality test used for raw, organic milk is insufficient for distinguishing between specific groups of bacteria, suggesting that the criteria for determining milk quality at processing plants needs to be updated.