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Addressing the challenges of bioconjugation for improved crosslinking and modification


Addressing the challenges of bioconjugation for improved crosslinking and modification
Greg Hermanson
Chief Technology Officer and Principal, Auroa Microarray Solutions, Inc. & Greg T. Hermanson, Inc.

Bioconjugation is a critical technique for creating many of the key reagents used in research and commercial applications.  This webinar will cover in great detail the major reactions used to form bioconjugates as well as the functional groups which react with them.  This includes identifying the principle target groups on proteins, oligonucleotides, glycans, and carbohydrates and matching them with the appropriate reactive groups for conjugation.  The reactive groups covered will include those useful for amine conjugations, thiol reactions, carbonyl reactions, and for bioorthogonal coupling.  The webinar will examine the major products of these reactions as well as any potential side reactions or competing hydrolysis that may occur, and any interfering substances that should be avoided.  The goal of this webinar is to provide a solid understanding of these reactions and how to optimize them to create the best possible bioconjugates for the intended downstream applications.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn about the major reactive groups used in bioconjugation and how to optimize each reaction
  • Learn to identify major products of each reaction and understand the effects of hydrolysis, side reactions and interfering substances
  • Discuss Tips & Tricks for improved results 


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