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Ask Me Anything: Genetic Analysis in Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies harness the power of cells or genetic material to treat, cure or prevent diseases. These cutting-edge therapeutics have the potential to revolutionize medical treatments, especially for conditions that were previously thought to be incurable, including genetic disorders, cancer and degenerative conditions. 

However, these therapies also pose unique development challenges, including additional regulatory considerations and the need for scalable manufacturing processes. Genetic analysis technologies play a critical role in establishing lot release criteria tests to ensure the safety and efficacy of these therapies before their release for clinical use. 

Over the past 16 years, Dr. Patrick Hanley has helped to translate more than 550 products on over 25 cell therapy protocols into the clinic. That’s why we’ve invited him to answer your questions about the development, manufacture, quality and testing of novel cell and gene therapies.

By attending you will:

  • Engage in a live Q&A: Pose your questions directly to Dr. Hanley and receive real-time answers.
  • Gain expert perspectives: Participate in the exchange of ideas as Dr. Hanley shares his thoughts on questions posed by fellow participants.
  • Expand your knowledge: Learn about challenges in cell and gene therapy development and how advances in genetic techniques and technologies are bringing the latest treatments to the clinic.
Keynote Speaker
Patrick Hanley
Patrick Hanley
Chief and Director of the Cellular Therapy Program
Children’s National Hospital
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