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An Optimized Workflow for Generating Anti-CD19 CAR T Cells by mRNA Electroporation

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy is a revolutionary and promising approach for cancer treatment. However, its potential is limited by technical challenges and safety risks associated with viral transduction–based CAR T-cell generation workflows.

Nonviral methods, such as electroporation, represent a potentially safer and more robust approach for generating CAR T cells. Flexible, high throughput technologies such as flow cytometry can greatly assist in reducing the challenges of CAR-T workflows.

Download this whitepaper to discover an electroporation system that:

  • Resulted in CAR transfection efficiencies as high as 70% in primary human T cells
  • Can avoid the potential risks associated with viral transduction
  • Demonstrates how mRNA electroporation is an effective approach in CAR T-cell workflows