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Protein Biomarkers Show Promise in Predicting Patient Response to Cancer Immunotherapies

Cancer immunotherapy relies on activating or enhancing the antitumor immune response and has taken a central position in cancer treatment modalities. However, not all patients respond to immunotherapy, and combination immunotherapies increase cost of treatment and heighten the risk for toxicity-related adverse events.

While understanding the complex molecular and cellular factors occupying the tumor microenvironment (TME) can provide important insights into immunotherapy response, accessing the TME requires surgery. With recent studies suggesting that systemic host immune factors can predict patient response to immunotherapy treatment, there is now a mounting interest in using blood-based biomarkers to study immunotherapy response non-invasively.

Download this whitepaper to discover how:

  • Blood-based protein biomarkers can reliably predict response to cancer immunotherapy regimens
  • To use the SomaScan┬« Assay for identification of cancer-associated biomarkers
  • The SomaScan┬« Assay has potential to investigate immunotherapy-associated biomarkers