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Automated Low-volume DNA Normalisation and NGS Library Prep for Single-cell Analysis

Nextera XT sample prep kits (Illumina, Inc., USA) are commonly used to
prepare DNA libraries for NGS. Insert sizes of
generated libraries are dependent on the ratio of
DNA and tagmentation enzyme in the reaction.
Therefore having a precise and accurate liquid
handler is essential in library prep workflows.
Normalisation of the libraries prior to sequencing
is necessary to ensure there is a similar number
of reads and coverage of base pairs per each
To assure high accuracy and precision, most
library preparation protocols recommend
volumes that are within the range of manual
pipettes or that of large volume liquid handlers.
This application note presents data from
Prof. Stephen Quake’s lab, Stanford University,
USA on the use of TTP Labtech’s automated
low-volume liquid handlers for miniaturising DNA
normalisation and library prep volumes for singlecell