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Discover the Latest in Protein Sequencing Technology

Identifying Monoclonal Antibodies
Credit : Istock

Detection of low-abundance monoclonal antibodies in a population of polyclonal antibodies is critical for various applications including diagnostics, vaccine development and immunological studies. Next-generation protein sequencing has revolutionized how researchers approach protein analysis.

The latest advances in next-generation protein sequencing overcome the limitations of previous sequencing technologies including high costs, complexity, and time-intensive workflows, by providing a first-of-its-kind benchtop solution to simplify rapid and efficient analysis of complex protein populations.

This application note demonstrates the successful identification of two low-abundance monoclonal antibodies using next-generation protein sequencing.  

Download this application note to learn about:

  • The latest advances in next-generation protein sequencing technology
  • The advantages of next-generation protein sequencing compared to other analysis methods 
  • Accurately detecting specific antibodies in complex polyclonal populations

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