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Label-Free, Real-Time Live Cell Assays for 3D Organoids

Label-Free, Real-Time Live Cell Assays for 3D Organoids content piece image

Advances in preclinical in-vitro models are crucial for both basic research and drug development across a range of applications. Organoid technologies are increasingly being used as in-vitro models of human development and disease as they exhibit structural, morphogenetic and functional properties that recapitulate in-vivo pathophysiology. To successfully use these models across a variety of research disciplines and applications, approaches that reduce variability and technology pipelines to image and quantify these complex cell models are required.

Currently, techniques to robustly characterize and visualize these models may be limited by time consuming and laborious processes and third party software.

Download this app note to discover a solution that can: 

  • Continuously locate and analyze embedded organoids in physiologically relevant conditions
  • Kinetically visualize and quantify distinct organoid morphologies and segment individual objects
  • Enable label-free assessment of cystic fibrosis in-vitro