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Microbubbles Offer a Versatile, Flexible Platform for Targeted Capture of Diverse Analytes

Sample preparation is frequently a critical first step in any number of life science endeavors. Due to the inherent complexity within samples and diversity between applications, sample preparation needs can vary widely. Akadeum’s Streptavidin microbubbles leverage the biotin-streptavidin binding complex combined with the power of buoyancy-based separation in a streamlined workflow that is fast and easy to perform. Akadeum’s revolutionary, buoyant Streptavidin Microbubbles allow for the use of virtually any biotinylated affinity molecule, thereby providing a flexible and customizable platform capable of meeting your specific needs.

Download this app note to discover a solution that:

  • Can be used with any biotinylated affinity molecule
  • Enables floatation-based separation of diverse targets
  • Provides workflows that are exceptionally gentle on delicate analytes