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Latest Articles

A graphic of a hand of someone giving blood.

LGBTQ+ Health Expert's Take on FDA's Updates to Blood Donation Guidelines

We spoke with Professor Perry N. Halkitis, dean, distinguished professor and champion of LGBTQ+ rights, about the US FDA's recent reversal of its time-based deferrals and screening questions specific to gay and bisexual men for assessing blood donation eligibility.
A gloved hand holding up a small transparent vile containing pink liquid with a laboratory shelf in the background.

Septic Shock and Metastases: Finding the Culprits

A new molecule, based on the anti-diabetes drug metformin, can bind copper, found to be important in acute inflammation, sepsis and cancer dissemination, and thus holds great promise for new therapy.
A transparent cell with blue nucleus.

Advances in Cell Therapy

In this article, we review the latest research in cell therapy development, including advances made in the lab that show promise for translation to the clinic, to improvements in developing, testing and manufacturing.
Microscope image.

Improving Image Integrity in Scientific Papers

This article sheds light on the issue of image integrity in academic publishing and gives advice on how to reduce the risk.
Signpost with arrow of the Union Jack pointing left and EU flag pointing right.

The Impact of UK Collaboration in Life Sciences

In this opinion piece, Jan Wauters discusses why collaboration in science is so important and what the Windsor Framework could mean for research in Europe.
An image depicting artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT: It’s Not the End of the World as We Know It

In this op-ed article, Michael Kinch explains his optimism around ChatGPT which, in his words, centers around the possibility that we as a society might start to question "claims" and "truths" that we encounter daily.
Illustration of plasmid DNA being dispensed from a pipette tip onto a cell culture for transfection.

An Introduction to Transfection, Transfection Protocol and Applications

In this article, we discuss the fundamentals of transfection, provide an overview of some of the commonly employed methods and a sample protocol. Finally, we consider some of the key applications of transfection.
Scientist using a manual pipette.

Why Are Manual Pipettes Still So Popular?

Electronic pipettes offer several benefits, but many laboratories are still resistant to making the switch from manual options. This article discusses how equipping your team with electronic pipettes could rapidly pay for itself.

Green and white pills falling to the ground.

Passage of the FDA Modernization Act Enables New Era for Preclinical Testing

The 11th-hour passage of The FDA Modernization Act gave a much-needed boost to the advocates of new alternative methods (NAMs) for preclinical testing. In this article, we take a look at why NAMs are needed and what the new legislation means for pharmaceutical companies.
A pregnant woman stands over a cot.

Do Cesarean-Born Babies “Miss Out” on Essential Microbes?

Much research has focused on the gut microbiome, but we also carry microbes in other bodily parts, including the respiratory tract, skin and genitalia. How do other microbiomes, beyond the gut, develop during infancy, and can factors such as delivery method affect their development? Technology Networks interviewed Dr. Wouter de Steenhuijsen Piters to find out.