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Latest eBooks

A test tube containing pink liquid is held up by a gloved hand in front of a DNA model.

Cell and Gene Therapies: From the Lab to the Clinic

Cell and gene therapies are at the forefront of innovation in modern medicine, changing how we study and treat human disease. Download this eBook to explore advances, applications and approaches to cell and gene therapies.

Automated Cell Selection and Retrieval Opens a Universe of Possibilities

Isolating single cells is crucial in various research fields such as rare-cell analysis, biologics discovery and stem cell research. However, the process of identifying and isolating productive single cells remains a significant challenge, partly due to resource-intensive and often ineffective techniques like limiting dilution.
mAbs3 mycoplasma 3rd party lp ebook

Ensuring Biotherapeutic Products Are Mycoplasma-Free

Vaccines, cell and gene therapy products must be certified as mycoplasma-free to meet regulatory requirements. Hence, mycoplasma contamination testing is a vital step in the biologics manufacturing process.
organ on a chip

An Introduction to Organ-on-a-Chip Technology

This eBook provides an introduction to Organ-on-a-Chip technology and highlights the latest solutions available to support drug discovery.

A series of test tubes filled with colored liquid and arranged in a rainbow.

Pride in Science

Download this eBook to read interviews from LGBTQIA+ individuals studying and working in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine.
Tapping Into Japan’s Opportunity in Regenerative Medicine content piece image

Tapping Into Japan’s Opportunity in Regenerative Medicine

Interest in CGT&RMs has grown alongside the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in recent years; Japan’s established, rapidly expanding market makes it the perfect location to facilitate successful CGT&RM programs. `
Making Single-Cell Proteomics Mainstream: Perspectives From Key Opinion Leaders content piece image

Making Single-Cell Proteomics Mainstream: Perspectives From Key Opinion Leaders

The development of -omics technologies marked a significant step away from the study of a few hundred proteins, genes and metabolites into a field where scientists can examine populations of these molecules, over thousands of molecules in an unbiased manner.
How To Become a PCR Pro content piece image

How To Become a PCR Pro

This eBook has been compiled with this in mind, and has everything you need to know about PCR, including tips on PCT to aid your success, how to set up a PCR lab from scratch plus reducing protocol for PCR.
Cell Metabolism: A New Avenue in Drug Discovery content piece image

Uncover New Drug Targets Through Cell Metabolism

Dysfunctional metabolism is associated with a growing number of different disease states. The ability to examine the genes, proteins and pathways that modulate energy metabolism is therefore a promising new avenue for drug discovery.
A group of six female scientists stand together in a lab wearing lab coats.

Women in Science 2023

Download this eBook to read interviews with female scientists to learn about their experiences and hear advice for forging a career in STEMM.