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Latest Infographics

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Gain Deeper Insights From Your 3D Cell Model Imaging

This infographic explores innovative tools and strategies for enhancing 3D cell model imaging that can help you achieve high-quality images and efficiently manage data.
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Optimizing Flow Cytometry for Screening and Drug Discovery

This infographic presents recent key innovations that ensure reliable, high-throughput, automated flow cytometry workflows to enhance drug discovery.
Cell Separation: Techniques and Applications infographic snippet

Cell Separation: Techniques and Applications

Download this infographic to learn more about why scientists might want to isolate individual cells or cell populations, different cell separation techniques, and key downstream applications of cell separation.
Snippet of the cell culture quality control infographic.

Cell Culture Quality Control

Download this infographic to explore why quality control is key, the importance of cell line authenticity and how to reduce the risk of microbial contamination.
Snippet of the lab water purification infographic.

Lab Water Purification

Download this infographic to explore why water purity is important and how water purity is defined.
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Tips and Tricks for PCR Success

This infographic explores how to set yourself up for success with expert tips for each stage of the PCR workflow.
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Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry

There are a host of parameters that may be assessed in the cell biology lab and the flow cytometer is a key tool in doing so. In this infographic, we explore how flow cytometry works, what analyses can tell us and the applications of flow cytometry.
Illustration of cells seen through a magnifying glass

Cell Therapy

This infographic explores how cell therapies can be made and the potential diseases that they are, and could be, used to treat.
Tackling Cardiotoxicity During Drug Development content piece image

Tackling Cardiotoxicity During Drug Development

Did you know that the adverse effect of drugs on cardiac tissue – known as cardiotoxicity – is one of the principal reasons that therapeutics are withdrawn from the market?
Organs on Chips:  Furthering Our Understanding of Disease content piece image

Organs-on-Chips: Furthering Our Understanding of Disease

Download this infographic to explore what OOCs are and how they are helping to further our understanding of disease.