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Five scientists of a diverse range of genders and ethnicities stand in a line, holding lab instruments such as pipettes and test tubes. All five are wearing chef’s hats.

Finding the Perfect Recipe for Cell Culture

Cell culture is a fundamental part of life science research, and a staple for many biological scientists. Traditional culture methods are well established, but advances in cell culture techniques often mean that long-standing protocols require optimization to avoid impacts on accuracy and reliability.
Knee and hip replacement models.

Exploring the World of Medical Biomaterials

Biomaterials have already brought about transformative innovations that have reshaped patient care and disease management, and ongoing research is laying the foundation for groundbreaking developments, from new types of materials to novel applications.
Rendered image of cells.

Cell Therapy: Clinical Applications, Manufacturing and Regulation

Download this listicle to learn more about the applications of cell therapy, the regulatory landscape of cell therapy, and manufacturing and scalability challenges.
Lung on a chip

Unlocking the Future of Medicine: Recent Advances in Organ-on-a-Chip Technology

Download this listicle to explore the use of organ-on-a-chip technology in pharmacology and toxicology and the development of multi-organ systems.
Four cryogenic vials in a green storage rack.

Cell Therapies on Ice: Seven Trends in Cryopreservation To Enable Cell and Gene Therapy Research

Explore the prevailing trends shaping advanced cryopreservation practices, including seven key trends that underpin effective cryopreservation and biosample management as an essential element in supporting research and cell and gene therapy.
Human head and torso with organs visible

Five Steps Towards the Human Cell Atlas

The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) is an international consortium working towards the goal of creating an atlas of every cell type in the human body. Download this listicle to explore how the project is providing insights into pregnancy disorders, brain cell types and lung diseases.
DNA double helix.

Economies of Scale: The Top 5 Considerations for Successful Cell and Gene Therapy Fill/Finish Scale-Up

How can you successfully scale your cell and gene therapy fill/finish process to minimize manual involvement, reduce the specialized training required, and deliver high-quality, high-value products, efficiently?
Floating cells on a dark blue background.

Five Applications of Single-Cell Analysis Technologies

Download this listicle to discover recent examples of how single-cell analysis methods are driving forward research into cancer, aging, and drug discovery and development.
Evaluating and Optimizing Critical Quality Attributes During Cell Line Development content piece image

Evaluating and Optimizing Critical Quality Attributes During Cell Line Development

This listicle presents innovative tools that help optimize CQAs measurement during CLD to avoid late-stage setbacks.
Turquoise and orange electric signals making up a human brain.

Sequencing the Brain

Download this listicle to learn more about bulk tissue genomics and single-cell RNA-seq analysis of the mammalian brain and investigating cell type-specific changes in brain disorders