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Celebrating World Earth Day

Celebrating World Earth Day content piece image

April 22, 2021 marks World Earth Day, which was first recognized in 1970 to educate people about the environment globally. Technology Networks acknowledges the day to raise awareness of the positive actions that have been taken and the environmental challenges faced around the world. In this listicle, we highlight some of our favorite content that is close to this cause.

We hope you enjoy viewing these pieces and let us know which was your favorite.


Teamwork helps to overcome environmental challenges

We spoke with Andrew Howley of Adventure Scientists to learn more about their initiative and the impact their projects are having in the scientific community and beyond.


Microplastic detection

Once heralded as a wonder material, plastics have become a problem issue for society. This infographic explores what microplastics are and where they come from, what harm they do and how we can detect them.


The last living members of an extinct species

Find out how scientists are attempting to revive the functionally extinct northern white rhino through artificial reproduction.

Endangered Species Day: Mapping out a global struggle

This piece encourages individuals to celebrate all wildlife and raises awareness of the animals approaching  or at risk of extinction.

The Darwin Tree of Life project will have a "transformative effect" on our understanding of life on Earth

We take a look at the Darwin Tree of Life (DToL) project, part of a global initiative known as the Earth BioGenome Project to sequence all complex life on Earth.