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Tried and True ‒ German-Engineered Cell Strainers are Bringing Research Further

Publishable results in cell-based research are only as reliable as their preparation. Something as small as the cell strainer used in an experiment can make a difference in the quality and success of results and their credibility for publication. Researchers have benefited from using MACS SmartStrainers that have been engineered for fast removal of cell aggregates or large particles from dissociated tissue or large blood samples to obtain uniform cell suspensions.

Download the reference list to see how researchers have benefited from the unique characteristics and performance of MACS SmartStrainers: 

  • Smart design of ventilated reservoir allows optimal filtration and prevents clogging
  • Easily fit into standard 15 mL and 50 mL conical tubes of all major suppliers
  • Compact design and large reservoir facilitates sterile handling