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American CryoStem Completes Cell Processing for Clinical Study

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John Arnone, CEO of American CryoStem and Founder of Personal Cell Sciences, commented, "CRYO's patented tissue culture media and its proprietary, aseptic adipose tissue processing methodology allows, as an added benefit for PCS customers to store a clinical grade sample of their own stem cells for future use in regenerative medicine. We are pleased to provide comprehensive Bio-Insurance storage solutions at our clinical facility."

The adipose tissue samples were acquired utilizing a mini-liposuction procedure. A total of sixty milliliters (approximately 2 fluid ounces) of adipose tissue was collected in the physician's office and sent to CRYO's laboratory for processing. Once processed, the resulting stromal vascular fraction (SVF) was forwarded to the Personal Cell Sciences laboratory for proprietary formulation for patient specific products.

"We are very excited to announce our service agreement and participation in this clinical study for Personal Cell Sciences. This contractual manufacturing agreement reinforces our capabilities to provide CRYO's exceptional clinical processing for relevant adult stem cell related products," said Anthony Dudzinski, COO of American CryoStem. "We look forward to our continued business relationship with PCS and expanding these services to other developers to speed their product's time to market."