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Biobanking for Health Research in Brazil: Present Challenges and Future Directions

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Specifically outlined are Resolution CNS 441/11, enacted by the National Health Council of Brazil in May 2011, and the National Guidelines for Biorepositories and Biobanks (Ordinance No. 2201) published by the Ministry of Health in September 2011. The authors examine the differences between sample collections for single studies and large-scale collections for multiple studies (e.g., the National Tumor Bank at the Brazilian National Cancer Institute and the A. C. Camargo Hospital Biobank). Also discussed are the ethical and operational implications, i.e.,informed consent process, strategies for sample collection, custodianship, access to samples, and rules for disposal. Insights gained may be useful for developing national biobanking regulations in other countries in Latin America.

The article is published online in the Pan American Journal of Public Health and is free to access.