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Bioeden Tooth Stem Cell Banking Service now Available in Canada

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With world health care moving toward personalized medicine where treatment is customized for each individual, the use of stem cells found in children's primary teeth is a significant step forward.

These cells are a viable, ethical, and morally non-controversial alternative to the possibilities offered by embryonic stem cells.

According to Bioeden President, Jeff Johnson, "Public interest in primary tooth stem cells is growing not only locally, but globally."

"As a private laboratory registered with the FDA, we maintain high standards required for FDA oversight. After a recent FDA review, we are now approved to accept teeth from our neighbors in Canada."

"A primary consideration in the use of tooth cell storage is the cost. At less than 1/3 the cost of cord blood storage, banking a child's primary tooth stem cells not only provides a guaranteed matching donor for life, it is simple and painless for both the child and parent, and it preserves the cells before natural damage occurs."

"There are only twelve teeth that contain these promising cells, and cell viability - determined by when a tooth is expelled - reduces the longer a loose tooth remains in the mouth."

"A tooth collected shortly after it becomes loose is most viable, and is critical that we receive a tooth quickly after it falls out."

Bioeden isolates and stores tooth cells, and returns them to the original donor if they are ever needed.

Unlike cord blood banking, which is public, Bioeden's customers are only given their own cells.