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Biovest International Spins off Cell Culture Company

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Cell Culture Company will supply automated single-use perfusion bioreactor systems and custom mammalian cell and protein manufacturing services to the diagnostic, therapeutic, and animal healthcare industries.

Since the late 1990s, Biovest’s primary focus has been the commercialization of personalized immunotherapies. That work will continue under the Biovest name. “The spin-off of Cell Culture Company will ensure that our instrument and CMO customers will be better served through increased focus and investment,” says Cell Culture Company President Christiaan Engstrom,

For over 30 years, Biovest has been delivering innovative, cost effective, and scalable GMP custom mammalian cell and protein production and services solutions, from pre-clinical to commercial stages in mg to kg quantities. “It is our goal to be recognized as a preferred partner and industry leader in bioreactor technology and cell culture services,” says Mr. Engstrom.

Cell Culture Company delivers value through:

•       Improved cell health quality, resulting in homogeneous protein expression produced through the use of a homeostatic system.

•       Decreased production risk as a result of using closed, parallel systems.

•       Increased speed to market due to reduced upstream validation requirements.

•       Reduced capital expenditures, labor, facilities, and materials costs-- delivering increased protein per square foot of production space.

Cell Culture Company will remain located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area in the same facility it has occupied since the 1980s. The 33,000 square foot location is home to the corporate offices, bioreactor manufacturing operations, and a distribution center, as well as an FDA-compliant custom mammalian and protein production laboratory.