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Epistem’s Biomarker Focus in the US

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Epistem Plc will open a US office based in Boston, MA to increase its presence in the all important North American Market. The US office (Epistem Inc) will maximize the awareness of Epistem Plc’s technology offering as well as support the commercialization of the recently launched proprietary GenetRx™ biomarker platform in oncology.

GenetRx™ is the company’s cDNA gene expression profiling technology which has the ability to analyze individual plucked hairs, blood and other tissue samples which are traditionally difficult or too small to analyze by other methods. This proprietary technology is used by clinicians and research scientists to study target engagement and pharmacodynamic effects of a drug and to establish dose scheduling, drug effect, and patient response.

Epistem Plc has been successful in applying its know-how and expertise in adult epithelial stem cells to the areas of oncology and gastrointestinal disease, as well as other applications in dermatology.

Epistem’s biomarker collaborations in North America will focus on preclinical and clinical oncology drug development providing a means of translating drug effect in specific oncology pathways such as Hedgehog, WNT, Notch, Beta Catenin, PI3 kinase and androgen signalling as well as providing an ideal platform for evaluating therapies aimed at specific RNA targets. The Biomarker Laboratory services will be delivered within a regulatory framework to comply with Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GcLP).