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Invitrogen Partners with Cytori to Offer Adipose Stem Cell Research Products

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Invitrogen Corporation and Cytori Therapeutics entered into a global strategic supply and commercialization agreement to offer adipose-derived stem cell-based research products to life science researchers.

Invitrogen will offer Cytori's stem cell products to broaden the understanding of adult stem cells and to discover and accelerate development of preclinical applications for adipose derived stem cells.

Adipose tissue is widely recognized as a rich source of adult stem cells. A growing number of scientists are performing adipose stem cell research accounting for more than 300 scientific papers and abstracts since the seminal scientific paper describing this cell population was published in 2001. In addition, multiple clinical trials are underway globally using adipose stem cells.

"This product offering provides life science researchers access to an important and validated stem cell population," said Joydeep Goswami, Ph.D., vice president of stem cells and regenerative medicine for Invitrogen.

"Adipose derived stem cells represent an attractive cell source from which to conduct regenerative medicine research, and we are excited to enter into this partnership with Cytori, a pioneer in this field," Goswami added.

The new products will be complemented by Invitrogen's many reagents that are used to isolate, characterize, expand and differentiate stem cells, such as the new MesenPRO RS™ medium, which was used to validate the adipose derived stem cell product line.

"Aligning ourselves with Invitrogen adds an additional partner offering Cytori's adipose stem cells for research purposes," said Marc H. Hedrick, M.D., president for Cytori Therapeutics. "We expect this relationship will expand the number of therapeutic applications under development with these cells as a means to broaden the opportunities for Cytori to provide stem cell-based therapies."