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LifebankUSA’s Breakthrough PlacentaCord™ Service Garners Attention

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LifebankUSA, PlacentaCord banking, launched in October 2006, is the first service that banks stem cells from two sources – both the placenta and the umbilical cord.

PlacentaCord banking yields the most cells, which provides greater therapeutic potential for banking families.

Notably, LifebankUSA’s new PlacentaCord service was featured in an article written in the Newark Star-Ledger on January 7, entitled "Harvesting Hope." The article explored the growing interest in placental and cord blood banking through the experience of the Bogert family.

According to the article, parents-to-be Greg and Didi Bogert enrolled with LifebankUSA prior to the birth of their daughter, Brianna. After the birth of the baby girl, the Bogerts’ doctor performed the placenta and cord blood collection. Shortly after, a LifebankUSA courier arrived to transport the collection kit from the hospital to LifebankUSA’s facility for processing and cryogenic storage of the stem cells.

The Bogerts tell the Newark Star-Ledger that they are satisfied with their decision to invest in PlacentaCord banking.

"We're not really expecting something to happen so that we would need to resort to using the stem cells, but you never know," said Greg. "Who knows how far science will have advanced by the time our child is older? There may be cures we couldn't dream of today. To us, it's worth taking the chance."