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National Stem Cell Holding Announces Patent Application for Newly Discovered Cellular Derived Biomaterials

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National Stem Cell Holding, Inc. together with Michael Cohen and Jacob Cohen announced the filing of a provisional patent application for a newly discovered group of cellular derived biomaterials that appear to promote tissue repair in a variety of wound care applications.

These new biomaterials are derived from the company's proprietary stem cell and progenitor cell lines. Preclinical studies with these newly discovered biomaterials appear to enhance the rate of tissue repair and healing and of the strength of healed wounds.

The Company believes that further research and development will clarify indications thus far that these biomaterials may be useful for a wide variety of acute and chronic wounds including but not limited to, burns, surgery related, and diabetes related.

Government Accounting Office (GAO) statistics show a tremendous need for wound care treatment. Each year, according to the GAO, approximately five million Americans suffer from chronic wounds caused by diabetes, circulatory problems and many other conditions.