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NeoStem Spotlights Projected Multibillion-Dollar Adult Stem Cell Therapeutics Market in Latest Investor Video

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NeoStem, Inc. has released a new investor video detailing the promise of the hundreds of adult stem cell clinical trials currently underway to treat many of the world’s most intractable diseases. Industry analysts predict that the adult stem cell industry will generate approximately $8.5 billion by 2016, should these therapies come to market as and when expected.

Robin Smith, MD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer of NeoStem, also details why the Company’s services should play a key role as the field of Regenerative Medicine fulfills the promise that many medical and scientific professionals anticipate.

“In the United States alone, there are nearly 700 ongoing studies currently underway to develop medical therapies based on adult stem cells, with nearly 200 of them focused on autologous applications,” said Dr. Smith during the video. “NeoStem believes there will be an overall growth in the adult stem cell industry, and it will be well positioned to capitalize on this growth.”

NeoStem believes its first-to-market competitive advantage should uniquely position the Company to capitalize on the hundreds of therapeutic stem cell-based research programs currently underway. Should these stem cell-based therapies become available, as so many expect, NeoStem clients may be among the first to benefit from the therapeutic progress that many trials have demonstrated for treatment of cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and lupus, among other debilitating conditions.

“As education about these issues spreads, we believe autologous adult stem cell banking will be a form of personal bio-insurance that will continue to grow,” said Dr. Smith during the video.