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‘Regulator Ready’ Stem Cell Lines Released

‘Regulator Ready’ Stem Cell Lines Released content piece image
Credit: MHRA
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The UK Stem Cell Bank (UKSCB) at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) is releasing its first stem cell lines suitable for development into novel cell-based medicines to researchers wishing to bring new and innovative therapies to clinical trial.

The stem cell lines are produced and quality-controlled under European regulation and are therefore suitable for use as starting materials in manufacturing therapies for clinical trials, saving researchers precious time and effort.

The UKSCB is a world leading not-for-profit pluripotent stem cell bank distributing stem cell lines qualified for use in clinical trials. Each cell line will be supplied with a certificate of analysis and we are in the process of compiling a starting materials dossier for each of our cell lines which will be available in the near future.

The UKSCB is a trusted supplier of stem cell lines with the highest quality and standards of due diligence and is a favoured partner in stem cell research.

Dr Christian Schneider, Director of NIBSC said:

"Regenerative medicines are a game-changer – they have the potential to fully repair damaged tissues and organs, offering new solutions and hope for people with conditions that could not previously be cured.

"At the heart of regenerative medicines are stem cells, as they can generate cells to repair many different tissues and open the door to novel therapies for currently untreatable disease."

Professor Glyn Stacey, Director of UKSCB said:

"In partnership with our depositors we are at the forefront of innovation, making a panel of EUTCD-grade stem cell lines available for the development of clinical therapies.

"Our stem cell lines will be a significant step forward in getting regenerative medicines onto the market."

Dr Rob Buckle, Chief Science Officer at the Medical Research Council, which co-funds the UKSCB, said:

"The availability of EUTCD-grade human embryonic stem cell lines via the UKSCB provides an invaluable ‘gold standard’ starting material; ensuring high quality and ethically-sourced stem cells are widely available to the research community to use in human clinical studies.

"We are delighted to see this investment now bearing fruit, bringing us ever closer to realising the potential of regenerative medicine in treating the many diseases that currently have no cure."

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