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Scottish Center for Regenerative Medicine to put Scotland at Global Forefront of Regenerative Medicine

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Scottish Ministers have announced that a center for regenerative medicine and stem cells is to be built in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The $114M Scottish Center for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM) will be developed by the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Scottish Enterprise.

The SCRM, which will be part of the new Center for Biomedical Research at Edinburgh’s Little France, will be unique in Europe and is thought to be equaled only by Kobe in Japan on a global level.

In providing research facilities, manufacturing capacity and commercialization facilities, the SCRM will have three main elements:

•High-quality accommodation to support 220 academic researchers.

•A center for scale-up development and manufacturing of cells.

•Multi-occupancy space to house commercial regenerative medicine research organizations and spin-outs.

The Scottish Executive will provide support for the SCRM with more than $46M in funding.

Visiting the site of the SCRM today, First Minister Jack McConnell said, “This will be a fantastic development for Edinburgh, a significant boost to the Scottish economy, and will be at the forefront of improving the lives of people around the world for decades to come. The creation of this world-class center will position Scotland as the leading UK and European location for this vital area of medical development, while also acting as a strong magnet to attract the best scientists, clinicians and regenerative medicine companies to our country.”

Deputy First Minister and Enterprise Minister Nicol Stephen added, “The creation of this center underlines Scotland’s position as a leading worldwide center for stem cell and regenerative medicine development. Life sciences will be a dominant global growth industry in the 21st century. Scotland is really well positioned to make a big impact but developments like this are crucial. The SCRM will help us attract global leaders in stem cell research to Scotland.”

Lorna Jack, President Americas of Scottish Development International, said, “As a global leader in stem cell research and development, Scotland is making great strides in accelerating the progress that is being made in this area. We look forward to attracting more U.S. collaborators looking to capitalize on Scotland’s expertise in regenerative medicine. This is a great win for Scotland in creating 560 new jobs and building an international hub for the life sciences.”