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Stem Cell Innovations and High Q Foundation Collaborate to Develop Novel Models of Huntington's Disease

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The High Q Foundation Inc. (High Q) and Stem Cell Innovations, Inc. (SCI) announced that they have entered into a two-year R&D alliance. The organizations will apply SCI's PluriCells™ to develop Huntington's disease specific human cell systems for the purpose of drug discovery.

Under the terms of their agreement, SCI will receive up to $1.1 million from High Q upon completion of certain milestones. In addition, SCI has the right to further use, develop and commercialize the outcome of the project.

"We are extremely pleased to enter this significant collaboration with the High Q, a leader in the support of research aimed at combating Huntington's disease. This agreement will allow us to accelerate our efforts in generating a unique panel of human neurodegenerative disease models, which will be integral in the further development of our potential products," said Stem Cell Innovations' CEO Dr. James Kelly.

"Huntington's disease represents a great unmet medical need and SCI is proud to assist High Q with its search to treatments that prevent or slow its progression," Kelly continued.