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Stem Cell Summit Launched

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The Burrill Life Sciences Media Group, the Genetics Policy Institute (GPI), and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) have joined forces to produce an annual global conference on stem cell research and regenerative medicine. The “Stem Cell Summit” is scheduled for October 2-3, 2007 in Boston, MA.

The Summit builds on a successful conference inspired by business and academic leaders in 2006 jointly sponsored by the Massachusetts General Hospital Innovation Fund and the HSCI. It brought together leading researchers, patient advocates, biotechnology executives, experts in policy, law and ethics along with key decision-makers to chart the course so that stem cell technologies will receive proper funding, flourish and fulfill the promise for cures.

The Summit seeks to extend the reach and impact of that event by partnering with the leader in the life sciences conference field and the leader in stem cell policy debate. The organizers jointly recognize that the complex field of stem cell research requires the interaction of science and education, policy and advocacy, and commercial interests for ultimate success.

“GPI’s partnering with the Burrill Life Sciences Media Group and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute will help energize the entire community by connecting patients with leading researchers and other experts in related fields of policy, law, ethics and commerce and thereby advance our mutual goal to derive treatments and cures sooner rather than later," said Bernard Siegel, founder and executive director of the Genetics Policy Institute.

“This event is unique because patients around the world are worried about the fate of stem cell research and have begun participating in the debate as never before. The promise of stem cell treatment lies not in the halls of politics but in the hearts of people,” said G. Steven Burrill, CEO of Burrill & Company.

Brock Reeve, Executive Director of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute noted that, “the mission of HSCI is to develop therapies for key diseases. So how swiftly can we move from “bench to bedside”? HSCI was established because this is not just a scientific question – we must connect scientific research and clinical practice with the fields of law, philosophy, and policy. This meeting will help bring us closer to that goal,” added Mr. Reeve.