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Meet the 'Scutoid'

News   Jul 30, 2018 | Original story sourced from Lehigh University

Study Reveals New Geometric Shape Used by Nature to Pack Cells Efficiently

Left: Modelling clay figures illustrating two scutoids participating in a transition and two schemes for scutoids solids. Scutoids are characterized by having at least a vertex in a different plane to the two bases and present curved surfaces. Right: A dorsal view of a Protaetia speciose beetle of the Cetoniidae family. The white lines highlight the resemblance of its scutum, scutellum and wings with the shape of the scutoids. Figure adapted from Gómez-Gálvez et al., Illustration by Dr. Nicolas Gompel. Background: Pixabay.



How a Shrub May Enable the “Impossible” in Treating Addiction


Scientists used a compound found in a shrub native to Africa to reveal the three major shapes of the serotonin transporter, a protein in the brain linked to anxiety and depression.


Detecting Stress With Color Change


Researchers have developed a first-of-its-kind elastic polymer blend that displays white fluorescence when deformed and then goes dark after relaxing back to its original shape which could warn of damage developing in a material before the stress causes structural failure.


Bacteria Are Individuals Too


Researchers demonstrate that genetically identical cells exhibit differing responses in their motility towards chemical attractants. Average values hide the full picture when it comes to describing the behavior of bacteria.



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