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2D Barcoded Tubes for Sample Storage at Ultra-Low Temperatures

2D Barcoded Tubes for Sample Storage at Ultra-Low Temperatures content piece image
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The Ziath range of CryzoTraq™ 2D-barcoded cryogenic tubes aim to set a new standard for cryogenic storage of biological specimens at temperatures as low as -196°C.

Worldwide biobanks and biorepositories support many types of life science research including Genomics and Personalized Medicine. To ensure the integrity and viability of specimens stored in these sample storage facilities over long periods of time, the specimens are placed in sterile storage tubes and immersed in vapor phase Liquid Nitrogen. Leak-free cryogenic tubes are therefore of utmost importance to ensure sample integrity.

Produced using an innovative 2-stage injection molding process, the caps on CryzoTraq™ tubes aim to deliver outstanding leak resistance. This high integrity closure on CryzoTraq™ tubes ensures that the sample cannot leak out and conversely that no contaminants can enter the tube. This is vitally important because if the specimen is contaminated, it is rendered useless for further research.

To ensure full sample traceability, all CryzoTraq™ tubes have a 2D datamatrix barcode inserted in the base of the tube. The insert is secured in place by the use of ultrasound to weld it into place. During this manufacturing process, a linear barcode is printed onto the side of the tube first, and the 2D code is automatically generated from the linear barcode, therefore ensuring the two barcodes will always be the same with no errors.

CryzoTraq™ tubes are manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485:2003, in compliance with ISO 14644 and 14698 (Federal Standard 209) and in a Class 7 cleanroom (Class 10,000). Available in 2ml and 5ml volumes, CryzoTraq™ tubes are certified free from DNA, DNase, RNase, pyrogens and ATP. Each lot is sterilized with electron beam radiation. CryzoTraq™ tubes are manufactured from medical grade polypropylene and the caps from medical grade polyethylene.

To enable fast and precise decoding of the 2D-barcodes on CryzoTraq™ tubes - Ziath offers DataPaq™ Multirack and Cube scanners.